The yogamat Komfort is available in colour black.

The material is approximately 6.5 mm thick.

The KURMA BLACK was the first Yogamat of KURMA-Quality and had been developed for us in the nineties.
This mat is sold worldwide as an highly expensive and branded good. With us you can purchase the unbranded original at a considerable lower rate.

The mat offers maximum comfort and is also ideal to equip your yogastudio.
The KURMA BLACK has - depending on usage - a lifespan of decades!

The combined properties of this mat are good grip and stability for standing poses or backbends and effective cushioning for sitting or supine poses. Headstand e.g. can be practised at ease without extra blankets and it folds into a neckrelieving plattform for shoulderbalance.
Dimension 180 x 66 cm 200 x 60 cm 200 x 80 cm 200 x 100 cm 250 x 66 cm
Weight ca. 3.3 kg ca. 3.3 kg ca. 4.4 kg ca. 5.5 kg ca. 4.5 kg
Packing Unit 6 pcs./box 6 pcs./box 4 pcs./box 4 pcs./box 4 pcs./box