Mats - Overview


  • several thicknesses
  • firm and soft
  • rough or smooth surfaces
  • from lightweight to compact
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • eco-friendly and
    socially responsible production
  • reasonable pricing
  • machine washable
  • lots of different colours

The SPEZIAL and EXTRA mats offer stability and a good grip. Because of the slightly rough and porous surface they are your best choice, if your practice is dynamic or done in a hot room, where you tend to sweat.

The SAFRAN and SUKHA mats are softer and have smooth even surface. Good for a comfortable practice with lot of work done on the ground.

Mats of the series KURMA are professional studio-mats. These are compact and durable and provide a very good grip. Perfect to use in your studio or demanding practice at home.